This is hysterical. Better use the bathroom before watching. Please click on:
Scottish voice activated elevator
This is the most fantastic panoramic collection of Chicago views I have ever seen. Sent to us by Chuck Scharf. You can zoom around like you are in a helicopter. Please click on CHICAGO
This is why I love Southwest Airlines. Click on PRE FLIGHT BRIEFING
For all of you golfers here is a new approach to your short game, specifically pitching. Please click on: How not to pitch
Bev Duffey Altes sent this in and, although I have seen versions of it before, I still get a chuckle from watching it. Please click on:
Age Activated Attention deficit Disorder
This link to You Tube shows an 18 year old interviewing himself 38 years later. A very clever piece of work. I hope you enjoy it.
Please click on: Then and Now
Some of the attendees at our NTHS class of '61 20th Reunion sent in by Steve Elkins
A very happy 55th anniversary to all of our Niles Township High School Class of '61

A fantastic site that tells the story of Niles township high school and Niles center from Sandi Schoene Metzinger. Click on: NTHS