This is the most fantastic panoramic collection of Chicago views I have ever seen. Sent to us by Chuck Scharf. You can zoom around like you are in a helicopter. Please click on CHICAGO
This is why I love Southwest Airlines. Click on PRE FLIGHT BRIEFING
This link to You Tube shows an 18 year old interviewing himself 38 years later. A very clever piece of work. I hope you enjoy it.
Please click on: Then and Now

A fantastic site that tells the story of Niles township high school and Niles center from Sandi Schoene Metzinger. Click on: NTHS 
This is a rich man's version of hoarding. Sent by Denny Crosby please click on DREAM HOUSE
From Ron Hauser
 Here are two photos of the progress of this painting. You might all enjoy watching it develop. I know we must have some big Cub fans and I was one of them because when I was in 1st 2nd 3rd grade before moving to Skokie I lived about two miles from Wrigley Field and myself and Larry Lane and two other boys we're caught trying to crawl under a fence next to one of the Andy Frain Usher's. We were quickly scooped up and told to go sit over in a bleacher seat where he could watch us and if we were not there we would never get to come to the ball game again and see the Cubs play. We were able to crawl underneath his Turn Style every day we had a chance to go as he would look the other way. What a hoot that was and it almost sounded like a real Norman Rockwell painting of real Americana. The one picture is my scetch of how the painting is being set before I start putting the oil on. The second photo is my first player pitcher. Thanks much, Ron
Just came across this photo and thought you might get a kick out of it. It was included in a Sun Times article highlighting the Mighty Mites of the Niles East football program. Paul Hines is the pillar supporting Jim Fung and Fred Denkman – with me sneaking between his legs. I remember playing my freshman year at 86 lbs., my sophomore year at 106 lbs., junior year at 112 lbs. and senior year at 118 lbs.. – I believe that made me the smallest kid in the conference all four years. Like me, I know that Jim and Fred liked mixing it up with the big boys. Hope all is well with you and your family...
Sent by Tod Wise

For those of you who don't know, Karen Vedder's son (Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam) was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame on April 7. You can look at the ceremony on You Tube or watch it on TV on April 29th. David Letterman introduced them. Karen was in the audience. 
Since I started this website back in 2008 we have had over 300,000 visitors. As the years pass by the annual numbers shrink but still about 12,000/year. I hope you have enjoyed browsing through our site as much as I enjoy maintaining it. Keith
Here is a fun dance group. Click on JITTERBUG
Ron Novotny left us last night 7:30 pm. The wake is at the Morton Grove Simkins funeral home on Dempster and Callie from 3  to 8pm Thursday and the funeral will be at St Paul Lutheran Church in Skokie Friday the 28th at 11am.
There will be a gathering after the cemetery in the Church.
It has been a sad week for our class of '61. I heard from Harriet Feinberg that our Valedictorian, Bob Feinberg passed away on Sunday following a Chemo treatment. May he rest in peace.