This is the most fantastic panoramic collection of Chicago views I have ever seen. Sent to us by Chuck Scharf. You can zoom around like you are in a helicopter. Please click on CHICAGO
This is why I love Southwest Airlines. Click on PRE FLIGHT BRIEFING
This link to You Tube shows an 18 year old interviewing himself 38 years later. A very clever piece of work. I hope you enjoy it.
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A fantastic site that tells the story of Niles township high school and Niles center from Sandi Schoene Metzinger. Click on: NTHS 
This is a rich man's version of hoarding. Sent by Denny Crosby please click on DREAM HOUSE
Since I started this website back in 2008 we have had over 300,000 visitors. As the years pass by the annual numbers shrink but still about 12,000/year. I hope you have enjoyed browsing through our site as much as I enjoy maintaining it. Keith
Here is a fun dance group. Click on JITTERBUG
To keep our records up to date please let me know of any address changes or email changes or news of any of our classmates.
It was so much fun seeing some of our classmates and their mates This past weekend in Tucson (actually Green Valley). Attending were Louise Christensen Jacobson, Keith and Dolores Anderson, Bob and Barb Rhodes, Lloyd and Joan Kuehn, Bill and Judy Fisher, Jim and Diane Nelson, Dick Peterson, Dave Howard, Rod Bartels, Larry Racana and Marylou, Deborah and Joe McConnell. We met for dinner at Tubac Country Club on Friday evening. We played golf on Saturday and some of the others went to a 55,000 acre ranch followed by lunch at Tubac Village. Dinner at Wisdom Cafe near Tubac, also celebrating Bill Fisher's 75th birthday (boy is he old), and finally breakfast at Arizona Family Restaurant before heading home. I hope we can continue having local gatherings and maybe a bigger one for our 60th in 2021. 
Top left:
John Pinkerman, Tom Rakowski, Lloyd & Eileen (Nechtman) Sonenthal, Lynda (Comitor) and Larry Fisher, Inez (Gelfand) Tiven.
Bottom row: 
Carol (Whisler) Morris, Leslie (Lerner) Gallay, Heloise (Corman) Nathan.
Cleveland School Gathering at Hackney's. Marti Council Corcoran was there also but had to leave to close a big deal before the photo
New Year's Day Party at Jim & Diane Nelson's home in Escondido, CA  Pictured are Iris Daglas, Chuck scharf, Jim Nelson, Dolores and Keith, MaryLou and Larry Racana. Click on picture to enlarge