Hannah Weiss Kaplan * 
Mitch Melamed *
Ken Norgan *
Stuart Goodman *
Lynn Ravine Chestler *
Dale Green Kane
Inez Tivin +1 *
Keith Anderson +1 *
Marsha Silverman Serlin *
Joy Leon Gorodess *
Howard Moldofsky +1 *
Marti Council Corcoran *
Heloise Corman Nathan *
Micki Reich Brost
Bob Deck
Leslie Learner Gallay *
Pat Rice Foss *
Jim Copeland
Marcia Siegel Greenberg +1 *
Bill Fisher
Pam Meltzer Schemke
Bud Morten
Dick Peterson +1 *
Donna Wold Smith
Dave Recher +1 *
Ginny Thomas Schubert 
​Irene Karpman Lerner +1
Pam Engstrom Harper *
Zelda Rest Goodman
Deborah Van McConnell *
Iris Daglas
Judy Viere Weisenberger
Louise Christensen Jacobson *
Carole Senger Pakulski
Mary Ellen Des Enfants Gavin
Tod Wise +1 *
Steve Schada +1
Steve Elkins +!
Jim Nardi
Marshall Claassen
Marilyn Lees Reinish +1
Lloyd Kuehn +1 *
Diane Zahn Boran (maybe)
Marilyn Wegl Muenze 
Bob Sarnoff +1
Ken Williams +1
Bruce Dilg +1 *
Jim Miresse
Gari-Sue Greene Chappell *
Sue Braverman Falcon *
Karen DeVeirman Doetsch *
Bob Rhodes *
Barb Trufant Rhodes *
Steve Miller (Maybe)
Suzanne Warda Miller (Maybe)
Dennis Dobrowolski *
Larry Dallia *
​Ed Searing (maybe)

The committee met on Zoom yesterday and discussed our next moves. In connecting  with you through emails it seems some are coming in on Wednesday or Thursday before the reunion. You might want to set up some small gatherings on Thursday and Friday nights.The reunion will be held at Pinstripes in Northbrook. We put a deposit on the Center Court Room which holds up to 400 people.  The  event will be on Saturday, August 7, 2021 from 7-10 P.M.. Some of our costs will be absorbed by the balance in our account left over from the 50th. As you can see we have over 125  classmates indicating their interest in attending. There are also 31 +1's.  The 60th will be our last organized gathering of this scope and I hope you don't miss it. We have been fortunate to have had so many reunions since graduation allowing us to keep in touch with our old friends. Don't let this one slide by. Keep sending in your current pictures for me to display on the border so we can recognize each other again
This is the list of classmates showing interest in attending the 60th Reunion August 7, 2021 (to have your name added please email (
We have already had 77 classmates and spouses committed to coming. If you see an * next to their name that means they will attend.
Judy Kadish Simon
Steve Wray +1
Rochelle-Laskov-Zuniga +1*
Susan Seedorf Strong *
Sharon Brei Chapman +1 *
Jan Williams Eddleman +1
Paul Herrmann
Diane Reichert Hansen
Karen Vedder
Rennie Jaeger Walz
Larry Racana
Barb Mario Jozwiak *
Dennis Dahl +1 *
Earl Pollack * 
Stan Anderson *
Ellen Winer
Sandy Goldman Lerner
Barry Weinstein *
Alice Thorsen Kassen +1 *
Mike Honig
Dianne Layden
Joel Openheim
Bruce Mau
Dave Howard *
​Ron Hauser
​Bronson Davis
Judy Verhunce Girard
Rosanne Schiff Ball *
Bill Barker
Jim Colitz
Mike Adler *
Bob Polster *
Mike Rothholz
Rod Bartels *
Marvin Feinberg
Sandy Weise O'Brien
Judy Meyers Cronin
Don Peterson
Freddie Strauss Lieberman
Ken Ehrensaft *
Sue Alport Ludtke +1
Al Martin
Carol Virgilio Kruse *
​Joan Hoke Clowes +1 *
Jim Nelson +1 *
Greer Kosdon Braun +1
Sandi Hartman Leef +1
Howard Bernstein +1
Frank Friedman +1
Rennie Jaeger Walz +1
Melinda Kaufman Orzoff
Dick Masek +1
Nancy Hibbert Murray
Judy Iverson *
Chuck Scharf
Sandra Schoene Metzinger
Walter Olson *

Rev. Dick Selby
Carol Whisler Morris
MaryEllen DesEnfants Gavin
Pam Engstrom Johnson Harper
Liz Stapelfeld Sisneros
Sandi Schoene Metzinger
Sue Seedorf Strong
Larry Proft
Chuck Scharf
Larry Racana and Jim Nelson
Mitch Melamed
Sue Bennett Ruhnke
Bob Selby
Marti Council Corcoran
Dick Peterson
Keith Anderson
Bob Nieder
Yvonne Belue Manahan
Joel Openheim
Alice Thorsen Kassen and Frank
Just 55 days to go until our 60th Reunion
Sandi Schoene Metzinger and Chuck Scharf
Jim Nelson with Diane to the left
Larry (Rocco) Racana with Mary Lou
Ron Johnson, Rochelle (Rocky) Laskov Zuniga with Jorge
!/2 Val Iversen Wiker, Karen Vedder and Jim Nardi
Denny Crosby, Val Iversen Wiker and Karen Vedder
Dennis Dahl, his wife and Denny Crosby
Some interesting statistics about our birthdays This is based on the 304 birthdays.  If you go on the website and go to BIRTHDAYS to see if you are listed let me know if you don't find your name and I will enter it. If you don't know the password email me and I'll send it to you.
Classmates born in 1942---20
Classmates born in 1944---23
Classmates born in 1943---261
Biggest birth month---June---34 (September, October conception)
Lowest birth month---March---21.(May, June conception)
Most 1942 births---December---10
Fewest 1942 births---6 tied with 0
Most 1944 births---January---7
Fewest 1944 births---5 tied with 0
Rosanne Schiff Ball
Howard Bernstein
Micki Reich Brost
Judy Meyers Cronin
Freddie Straus Lieberman
Bobbi Goldstein Alter
Patricia Vollmer Aldworth
Ann Davis
Stan Anderson and his wife Suzanne
 Please click on NileHi1
Please click on NileHi2
Please click on NileHi3
Please Click on NileHi4
Please Click on NileHi5
Videos from 50th reunion.Please Click on NileHi6
Please Click on NileHi7
Jan Williams and Mike
If you would like to purchase the complete video call Raines Video at (503) 274-8170
Ken Norgan, Marsha Silverman Serlin and Mitch Melamed
Frank Friedman and his wife Rachel
Why come to the reunion? It is certainly not to glory in the campus and
walk the halls of our beloved alma mater. There is no campus; there are no halls.
Niles Township High School is a grand memory. We were the last of the Mohegans.
(The Trojan mascot limped along until the successor school, Niles East, was also
closed.) Of the original 925 graduates, 746 survive, and of that number 60 are
lost to even the intrepid searching talents of Keith Anderson. That leaves 686
classmates who could potentially make the trek to Pinstripes in Northbrook to celebrate
the anniversary of our graduation in 1961. The reunion planners expect 200. But
why come? Chances are you haven’t seen most of these people for 60 years, and it
is likely you won’t see them again. These are not, however, just any people. Rather
they are people with whom you came of age. They are folks with whom you shared
dreams, disappointments, hopes and triumphs. It was a time of first loves, first
jobs, and first cars. It may have been a time when we were our most idealistic
selves-- some would say our most naïve selves--but that is all part of the warp and
woof of life. Niles launched us, and we return 60 years later to celebrate the glory
of our survival with the people who witnessed our first steps on the adult stage.
Life has had its way with us, we return a bit worn and dog-eared, but triumphant
nonetheless. We have made many fateful choices along the way, some good, some
not so good. When I was disappointed my mother often would try to comfort me
saying, “Things work out for the best.” And, I would eventually reply, “No, Mom,
things work out, and we make the best of them.” We have made the best of them,
and that’s something to be celebrated with people who knew us at the beginning.
A visit with Bronson Davis updated to the present.
Donna Wold Smith with Harley Bean
Joy Leon Gorodess
Marcia Siegel Greenberg
Bev Duffy Altes
Allen Usow and Sue
Bruce Dilg and Robin
More Bruce and Robin
Larry Subrin
Paul Herrmann
Jim Miresse and family
Carole Senger Pakulski
Ken Williams
George Chechopoulos and Helena
Louise Christensen Jacobson
Join the Border of pictures. Send me yours and be part of the Border.
Sue Alport Ludtke
Rod Bartels
Here is the link for reservations at the Northbrook Sheraton (owned by Marriott) which is next to Pinstripes. The block of rooms for both nights has been reserved for us until July 3, 2021. I booked a room for Thursday, August 5, Friday Aug. 6 and Saturday, Aug. 7. The link is: MARIOTT 
On the reservation link change the dates to August 6-8 and hit check availability.
There are still rooms available for both Friday and Saturday. To my best guess there will be 68 of us coming from out of town. Some will, I'm sure, stay with local friends and relatives. 
Micki Reich Brost
Joel and Judy Adelman
We are approaching our 60th reunion which is less than a couple of months away. If you plan on coming in on Friday or even Thursday (which we are doing) reach out to old friends to plan small groups for Friday and/or Saturday.  There are many activities in the area such as Chicago Botanic Garden, Ravinia, The Glen Town Center and, of course, Pinstripes which offers bocce ball and bowling. Click on The Glen or google Northbrook and click on things to do. I have set up a bulletin board to leave messages for classmates. Send messages to me and I will enter them. As Lloyd Kuehn said 3 hours on Saturday evening isn't enough time to catch up on 10 years or as many as 60 years for some. 
Judy Garcia and Honey
Lynn Ravine Chestler
Bob and Barb Rhodes
Joan Hoke Clowes
Bulletin Board
Rosanne Schiff Ball is coming in Friday and wants to get a small group for activities

Gari-Sue Greene is coming in on Aug. 2 and wants to meet up before the reunion

Artemis Daglas needs a ride to and from the reunion. She is in Elmhurst.

"I will be attending with my wife Joan. We will be at Pinstripes around 1:00 pm with Bob and Barbara Rhodes for lunch. A three hour window seems short for this event.We Hope many of you will be together with us as well. Lloyd Kuehn" 

​Pam Engstrom Harper says:Anxious to see everybody and can’t wait to be in the Chicago area again! 

Joan Hoke Clowes says: My husband and I are looking forward to this once-in-a-lifetime event. Thank you for your planning. 

Hannah Weiss Kaplan says: I am really looking forward to our reunion!!! 

Bob Polster says: I am really looking forward to seeing my classmates again! 

Denny Dobrowolski says: Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Roberta Wiig Berg chimes in from Norway: Really wish I could be there. Greetings to all my old classmates!! Roberta

Heloise Nathan Corman said:I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. There are a lot of people coming that didn't attend our 50th. 
Carol Woods Houston
Barb Mario Jozwiak
Steve Miller and Suzanne Warda Miller
Inez Tivin
This is a link to CBS Morning Show showing Dr. David Agus and his views on summer travel and gathering. Please click on HEALTHY REUNION
Dick Chojnowski
For those who are attending the reunion here is the amount and address to send.
$50/person payable to Niles Township Reunion
Send check to:
Mitch Melamed
255 Sylvan Rd.
Glencoe, IL 60022
Eileen Nechtman Sonenthal