Bob Selby
Mitch Melamed
Ken Norgan
Stuart Goodman
Lynn Ravine Chestler
Dale Green Kane
Inez Tivin
Keith Anderson
Marsha Silverman Serlin
Joy Leon Gorodess
Howard Moldofsky
Marti Council Corcoran
Denny Crosby
Heloise Corman Nathan
Micki Brost
Bob Deck
Carol Whisler Morris
​Leslie Lerner Gallay
Pat Rice Foss
Jim Copeland
Steve Bookshester
Marcia Siegel Greenberg
Bill Fisher
Pam Meltzer Schemke
Bud Morten
Dick Peterson
Donna Wold Smith
Dave Recher
Ginny Thomas Schubert
Rev. Dick Selby
Jim Puccinelli
Pam Engstrom Harper
Zelda Rest Goodman
Deborah Van McConnell
Iris Daglas
Judy Viere Weisenberg
Louise Christensen Jacobson
Earl Pollack
Susan Slotten Palmer
Ira Berger
Jeanne Ferdman Strauss
Carole Senger Pakulski
Yvonne Belue Manahan
Mary Ellen Des Enfants Gavin
Tod Wise
Steve Schada
Eileen Nechtman Sonenthal
Steve Elkins
Jim Nardi
Marshall Claassen
Carol Woods Houston
Karen Stryker Boyesen
Marilyn Lees Reinish
Lloyd Kuehn
Diane Zahn Boran
Ron Ficks
Marilyn Wegl 
Nancy Eaman Galyean

The committee is excited about the next move heading toward our 60th reunion.We have decided on Pinstripes in Northbrook/Glenview. We put a deposit on the Ballroom and we will be getting a list of nearby hotels.  The main event will be on Saturday, August 7, 2021. Some of our costs will be absorbed by the balance in our account left over from the 50th. as you can see we have almost 100  classmates indicating their interest in attending. With spouses or forever friends this number will be over 170. This will be our last organized gathering of this scope and I hope you won't miss it. As Ernie Banks would say "Let's have some fun in 2021". Keep sending in your current pictures for me to display on the website so we can recognize each other again. 
This is the list of classmates showing interest in attending the 60th Reunion August 7, 2021 (to have your name added please email (
Judy Kadish Simon
Steve Wray
Rochelle Freeman-Zuninga
Susan Seedorf Strong
Sharon Brei Chapman
Sandi Schoene Metzinger
Chuck Scharf
Jan Williams Eddleman
Paul Herrmann
Diane Reichert Hansen
Val Iversen Wiker
​Karen Vedder
Rennie Jaeger Walz
Larry Racana
Barb Mario Jozwiak
​Liz Stapelfeld Sisneros
Dennis Dahl
Bob Nieder
Earl Pollack
Stan Anderson
Ellen Winer
Margo Berkson Berg
Sandy Goldman Lerner
Barry Weinstein
Alice Thorsen Kassen
Mike Honig
Dianne Layden
Joel Openheim
Bruce Mau
Dave Howard
​Ron Hauser
​Bronson Davis
Sheila Cunningham Pientka
Nancy Reading Frank
Judy Verhunce Girard
Rosanne Schiff Ball
Bud Rifkin
Bill Barker
Jim Colitz
Mike Adler

Rev. Dick Selby, Carol Whisler Morris, Mary Ellen Des Enfants Gavin, Pam Engstrom Johnson Harper, Sandi Schoene Metzinger, Lisa Stapelfeld Sisneros, Sue Seedorf Strong, Larry Proft, Chuck Scharf, Larry Racana/Jim Nelson, Keith Anderson, Mitch Melamed, Bob Selby, Sue Bennett Ruhnke, Marti Council Corcoran, Dick Peterson, Bob Nieder, Yvonne Belue Manahan, Joel Openheim and Alice Thorsen Kassen hope you will join them at the 60th reunion in 2021
Rev. Dick Selby
Carol Whisler Morris
MaryEllen DesEnfants Gavin
Pam Engstrom Johnson Harper
Liz Stapelfeld Sisneros
Sandi Schoene Metzinger
Sue Seedorf Strong
Larry Proft
Chuck Scharf
Larry Racana and Jim Nelson
Mitch Melamed
Sue Bennett Ruhnke
Bob Selby
Marti Council Corcoran
Dick Peterson
Keith Anderson
Bob Nieder
Yvonne Belue Manahan
Joel Openheim
We  had a NileHi '61 luncheon in Temecula, CA at the South Coast Winery on March 7, 2020. Here are the pictures of this wonderful group. At the luncheon were Dolores and Keith Anderson, Diane and Jim Nelson, Karen Vedder, Jim Nardi, Dennis and Barbara Dahl, Denny Crosby, Larry Racana and MaryLou, Ron Johnson, Rochelle LaskovZuniga and Jorge, Val Iversen Wiker, Chuck Scharf and Sandi Schoene Metzinger. Not in these pictures were Dick and Lisbeth Peterson. Wait, I see Dick in the picture of Dolores and me.

Alice Thorsen Kassen and Frank
Just 490 days to go until the 60th Reunion 
Here is an excerpt from the Archives with Mr. Spatafora I thought you might find interesting.
Keith Anderson suggested I write something for the Niles HS '61 blog and your upcoming reunion. I'm not sure if you remember me -- teaching social studies up on the second floor -- but I sure remember you!

Oh, not individually; but collectively. My memory, like that of my colleague teachers, looks back on your class as a time of calm just before the storm of the 60's. Niles was a charming, yellow-bricked road to good learning and healthy fun. The principal was Keith Cavanaugh and some of my social studies peers included Donn Wright, Karl DeJonge, John Betts, George Scherb, Mel Pirok, Dave Jackson, Everett Colton and Bernie Zagorin.

More important than our names, Niles back then was perhaps the last whisper of the same age in America I grew up in. An age of relative peace, prosperity, and a confidence that has been battered a lot ever since. My memory floats back to a time when there were no metal detectors at the door, only a zest for demonstrations on the campus, only rallies before the PCs and Internet, only the innocence of optimism that made you feel this was a good time to be alive and it would just keep getting better.

You were growing up in a pretty happy campus where guys still wore ties and gals still liked wearing skirts. And we all liked a young man in the White House who seemed for too little a time to mean we were on the road to greatness. Student monitors called the SSO patrolled the hallways...concerned counselors like Bob Botthof listened to your problems....and the style of discipline from Marvin Ihne and John Houghton was more friendly reminder than tough confrontation. Oh, and your parents weren't in the habit of always suing the school like some of them are today!

My memories of you were that of a generation still a lot like my generation at your age. You came to Niles from families who wanted you to learn, and you pretty much agreed with that mission. You were bright, eager, questioning, and goal-oriented. In my own social studies classes I tended to circle the chairs...stroll the room...try to engage you in give-and-take....and with few exceptions, you never disappointed me. You were a great bunch to teach!

Now I can't say I never disappointed you, but I can say this. Generally, those years were good years for me...for the community... for the nation. Today you -- and certainly I -- are much older. But reunions like this have a felicitous way of stirring old remembrances and energizing old enthusiasms. I hope that's exactly what yours does for you. I know it does for me.
Some interesting statistics about our birthdays This is based on the 302 birthdays.  If you go on the website and go to BIRTHDAYS (password is TROJAN) to see if you are listed let me know if you don't find your name and I will enter it.
Classmates born in 1942---20
Classmates born in 1944---23
Classmates born in 1943---259
Biggest birth month---June---34 (September, October conception)
Lowest birth month---March---20.(May, June conception)
Most 1942 births---December---10
Fewest 1942 births---6 tied with 0
Most 1944 births---January---7
Fewest 1944 births---5 tied with 0
Well that was the last straw. They closed my he-shed (otherwise known as my golf course).Also closed the pools, tennis and pickleball courts and all activities where people might congregate. I hope none of you have come down with the virus. If they shut down the TV stations I'll have to learn how to read books again. We fostered a dog for a few days and then someone adopted her so it's just Dolores and me again. We are ordering food online at local restaurants and picking it up curbside at about a 30% discount. (kind of like our retirement account, 30% discounted). So if I was planning on living 10 more years I have to settle for 7. I wonder if our son would let us move in with him.  
Can you remember who this distinguished looking gentleman is from our class.Hint, he married a classmate of ours.
Carol Woods Houston and Nancy Dahlin Hutton correctly guessed the mystery man and his wife. He is Steve Miller and his wife is Suzanne Warda Miller.