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Friday, July 24, 2009
Dolores and Keith The Gypsy Wanderers
I wonder if this would work. We sell our house and stay with my classmates for the next 20 years or so. So far we stayed 1 night with Ron Hauser and 1 night with Pat Rice Foss. We have a few nights lined up with Bill Fisher in March. If there are around 900 living classmates, deduct about 6 couples who were both in my class, deduct everyone in the Chicago area ( who wants to stay here), deduct the mean and nasty ones who don't like anyone, deduct David Silverstein in Kenya (Dolores doesn't like coups), deduct the classmates who never did like me, deduct my old girlfriends (again Dolores) and finally deduct the 250 people we just can't find. That leaves maybe 3 to 6 people. Divided by 365 days we will have to stay with you at least 2 months and maybe 4 months a year. I hope the 3 to 6 of you know who you are and we do prefer tempurpedic mattresses. If you need references please contact Ron and Pat, ( well maybe not Ron I didn't mean to drink all your beer). I'll leave a list at the bottom of this entry. Please hurry we are booking up fast.
Since I wrote this blog nine years ago we have stayed with Denny Crosby, Bob and Barb Rhodes, Lloyd and Joan Kuehn, and Karen Vedder.