Pictures from NTHS 50th Reunion held at The Standard Club  September 9,10, 2011
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Don Peterson, Tod Wise and Chuck Scharf    reunion 1
Joan Callens Borcia, Don Peterson and Randi Petrakis   reunion 2
Ken Borcia ('62), Joan Callens Borcia and Don Peterson  reunion 3
Pat Paul Leider speaking at Icebreakers   reunion 4
Keith Anderson and Al Nardi looking at the yearbook
Jim Nelson, Diane Nelson, Karen Vedder and Iris Daglas at an Escondido party
Jim Boosales speaking at Icebreakers  reunion 7
Karen Stryker Boyesen speaking at Icebreakers   reunion 8
Nancy Overton Johnson speaking at Icebreakers
Bobby Levin speaking at Icebreakers
Pam Meltzer Schemke speaking at Icebreakers
Mitch Melamed speaking at Icebreakers
Jan Williams-Eddleman speaking at Icebreakers
Marsha Silverman Serlin speaking at Icebreakers
Joel Oppenheim speaking at Icebreakers
Fred Denkman and Tod Wise
Fred Denkman, Tod Wise and Karen Vedder
Joann Neumeister Sawyers, Yvonne Belue Manahan and Sue Anderson Rodeck
Keith Anderson and Jan Williams-Eddleman
Tod Wise talking to Judy Iverson and Betsy Kiso  Troyer
Ken Ehrensaft and the back of a head
Judy Iverson and Yvonne Belue Manahan
Bill Fisher and his wife Judy
Margaret and Larry Racana with Judy Fisher
Lou Hilfman and Iris Daglas
Marsha Silverman Serlin with Fred and Inez (Gelfand) Tivin
Bruce Mau and Tod Wise
?, Diane Zahn Boran, Pat Long and Dave Recher
Rosanne Schiff Ball and Nancy Dell'Aringa Samuelson
Alice Thorsen Kassen, Steve Elkins and Lloyd Kuehn
Bob Selby, Dick Selby, Bob Feinberg, Beverly Selby and Harriet Feinberg
Nancy Overton Johnson and her husband Don
Marilyn Lees Reinish checking out the Friday Night Buffet
Ron and Mary Hauser
Shary Shores and Karen Stryker Boyesen
Jerry Shapiro
Keith Anderson with the raffle drawing box
Steve Bookshester and Catherine Corey
Ron Hauser Emcee and Keith addressing the Karaoke crowd
Our Karaoke Emcee Ron Hauser
Nancy Dell'Aringa Sameulson talking to Dave Recher
Jeff Rovell with and unforgettable performance
Chuck Scharf singing "Louie, Louie" with choreography
Gari-Sue Greene
Paul and Virginia Herrmann bringing a tear to our eyes
Ron Corey is keeping his day job
Marsha Silverman Serlin, Judy Meyers Cronin, Micki Reich Brost, Lou Hilfman and Lynn Ravine Chestler doing a stirring rendition of "That'll be the day"
Emil Lazar, Karen Vedder and Keith Anderson showing Eddie how to really sing "Tonight you Belong to me"
Rosanne, Karen, Nancy, Pat and Marti
Pam Meltzer Schemke with her winning rendition of "Crazy"
Bob Selby trying to avoid the large hook
Ron Hauser telling Bob Selby his 2 minutes are up
Fred Denkman, Judy Fisher, Cathie Davis and Bill Fisher seeing the sights of downtown Chicago
Judy and Bill Fisher, Fred Denkman, Cathie and Bronson Davis on the Architectural River cruise
Judy and Bill Fisher
Fred Denkman and Cathie Davis
Bill and Fred
Fred and Tod at Keith and Dolores' Loft
Jim Boosales and Ken Norgan at Riva's Restaurant on Navy Pier
Bonny Boosales, Murphy Leider and Tod Wise at Riva's
Keith, Dolores, Ken,Pam, Cathie and Fred at Ken's Water Tower condo
Steve Bookshester
Linda Karlov Rashkow  and Ken Norgan at the Saturday night dinner
Zelda Rest Goodman and Freddie Strauss Lieberman
Arlene Stern Baerson and  Louann Stein Klein
Bonnie Palmer Landin and Dale Greene Kane
Judy Meyers Cronin and Arlene Strom Leff
Mike Lerner with cheerleaders Nancy, Sue Hansen Chapman, Pat and Karen
Jeff Rovell, Joel Sears, Deborah Van McConnell and Irene Karpman Lerner getting ready for their band presentation
Marv Feinberg with his opening remarks prior to introducing the band and cheerleaders
Bob Selby leading in the cheerleaders and band
More marching band Ed Nadler
92 year old Leo Provost leading the band
Dick Selby on the drum
More Leo
Sue, Karen, Pat and Nancy
Larry, Tod, Jim Nelson, Bronson and Bill
Pat, Diane, Nancy Kretschmar Gibson, Mitch and Jim Boosales
Diane, Bronson, Nancy and Jim
Bill Reinke and Pam Engstrom Harper
Jorge Zuniga and Rochelle Laskov Zuniga
Paul Herrmann, Ted Masters, Ron Hauser and Jerry Shapiro
Jerry Shapiro, Pam Meltzer Schemke and Rosalie Barbera Spajda
Steve Wray dancing with an unknown partner
Heloise Corman Nathan, Lynn Ravine Chestler, Judy Meyers Cronin and Marsha Green Levin
Scenes from Icebreakers, Friday afternoon
More Icebreakers
Cora and Dan Hills, Jim Thorson and Fritz Kilcullen
Alice Thorsen Kassen and Rob Burnstein
Alice Thorsen Kassen and Ron Hauser
Paul Williams, Pat Paul Leider and Tod Wise
Marsha Silverman Serlin and Jerry Shapiro
And Judy Johnson Thorson
Bill Fisher and Cathie Davis
Diane Nelson, Bobby Levin, Jim Nelson, Larry and Margaret Racana
Pam Meltzer Schemke, Rosanne Shiff Ball, Sandy Eisenberg Kornspan and Karen Stryker Boyesen
Barry Weinstein in the "N" sweater
Beverly and Dick Selby with Ron Hauser
Bob Selby, Howard Bernstein, Nancy and Ken Williams
Dick and Bob Selby
Arlene Kennedy with Emil Lazar
Joel Oppenheim and Fred Denkman
Larry Racana, Jan Williams-Eddleman and Tod Wise
Tod and Jan
Bobby Levin presenting at Icebreakers II
Nancy Overton Johnson at Icebreakers II
Mitch Melamed spoke of his plans for the next 16 years
Icebreakers audience estimated at over 150 people
Diane Layden getting Chuck Scharf's autograph
Zelda Rest Goodman chats with Judy Garcia
Don Bextel, Keith Anderson and Stana Bextel
Judy Iverson, Tod Wise and Betsy Kiso Troyer
Paul Herrmann, Bob Rhodes and Barb Trufant Rhodes
Tod, Alice and Larry
Virginia and Paul Herrmann with Rosanne Schiff Ball
Ron Novotny and Judy Garcia
Fred Denkman
Sandy Menconi Halvorsen
Steve Schada to the left, Dan Hills and Marshall Claassen sitting
Sue Alport Ludtke, Bob Ludtke, Greer Kosdon Braun, Arthur Braun, Joy Leon Gorodess and Charles Gorodess
taken Sunday morning at The Bagel.  Pictured are Sue (Alport) Ludtke, Joy (Leon) Gorodess, Leslie (Learner) Gallay, Howard Gallay,  Charles Gorodess, Bob Ludtke, and Arthur Braun.
Charlotte Swanson Shade and her husband, David
Judy Iverson and Charlotte
Marshall Claassen
Nancy Dell'Aringa Samuelson
Ken Matzick talking with Pat Long and Diane Zahn Boran
Barry Weinstein shows his letter sweater
Ron and Catherine Corey talk with Dr. Jeff Rovell
Tod with Bruce Mau
Bill Buchholz talks to Dr. Ron Johnson
Joel Sears and Barry Gaines
Jerry Shapiro and Jan Williams-Eddleman
Rob Burnstein and Leslie Learner Gallay
Pat Rice Foss, Deborah Van McConnell, Larry Fisher and Lynda Comitor Fisher
Ken Braun, Beverly Kaplan Braun and Ira Berger
Louise Christensen Jacobson and Karen Vedder share a laugh
Keith, Steve and Barry
Dave and Rosanne
Alice, Steve and Bobby
Bob Nieder, Paul Kamensky Zelda Rest Goodman and Jim Boosales
Jordan Goodman, Zelda Rest Goodman and Howard Moldofsky
Alice, Steve Elkins, Yvonne Belue Manahan and Bobby Levin
Lloyd Kuehn still has to give me 12 strokes
Jan and Bronson
Harvey Nilehi w/ briefcase comes out to give his graduation? speech.
The Reverend Dr. Dick Selby talks about the eulogy table w/ images of those classmates that have passed away.  He talked about our shared 911 experiences on the night before the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01.
Harvey Nilehi  DID graduate.
Jan Williams-Eddelman, Frank Kassen, Alice Thorson Kassen and Mike Eddelman
Last minute preparationss prior to the Saturday event
What we wore.
The Grand Ballroom
Ringmaster Ned leading in the cheerleaders and band.
I think I'll get a long Teeshirt like those
Rah Rah Rah-Where's the food
My good buddy Emil
Fantastic picture of our school. These artifacts will be passed on to future classes.
Sandy and Jan
The smoke still lingers
Steve Wray waltzing his sweetheart around the floor
Mike and Jan
Frank and Pixie doing the twist
Barry and Pam
He's no Steve Wray
Standing Donna Wold Smith, Nancy Eaman Galyean, Diane Reichert Hansen, Sharon Brei Chapman, Bruce Mau
Seated Jim McCarthy, Barb Mario Jozwiak, Carole Senger Pakulski and Lynda Doner Tellef
Things are slowing down as we approach midnight
Lynn and Terry Shevelenko
Bev and Dick Selby duking it out on the dancefloor
A belated yearbook signing
Nan Dahlin Hutton and Jan ( Did I mention this group of pictures were taken by Jan).
Same names as above
Add Joann Neumeister Sawyer and Sue Anderson Rodeck
Lynda Doner Tellef and Carole
Chicago Architectural River Tour, Nancy Eaman Galyean and Barb Mario Jozwiak
Carole and the Bean
Bob Chapman and Sharon Brei Chapman
Nancy, Jim and Carole
Nancy and Jim
Carol Whisler Morris and Bruce Mau
Bruce and Carole (Did I mention this group of pictures were from Carole).
Donna, Diane, Barb, Carole and Nancy
Carol Whisler Morris
Carol again and Jackie Elke Muller
Sheila Cunningham Pientka, Sharon Kuester Martin and MaryLou Zehner Kohl
Judy Verhunce Girard, Sheila, Sharon and MaryLou
Nan Dahlin Hutton, Sheila and Rosalie Barbera Spajda
Jackie Elke Muller and Yvonne Belue Manahan
Nan and Rosalie
Nan, Sheila and Rosalie
Nancy Reading Frank, Judy and Shelia
Sharon Brei Chapman and Bob Chapman
Sheila, Jackie and Rosalie.
Nancy Dell'Aringa Sameulson and Don
Dave Recher
Carol Virgilio Kruse and Nancy
Back, Dolores, Cathie and Fred
Front Keith, Bronson and Pam
Pam, Fred and Keith. Pictures taken at Ken Norgan's beautiful condo.
Pam and Fred
Nan Dahlin Hutton with Jackie Elke Muller
Nan, Jackie, Sheila Cunningham Pientka, Rosalie Barbera Spajda and Laverne Ahrens Unbehaun
Rosalie with Karen Vedder
Bottom left to right: Paul Kamensky, Larry Bolon, Joel Oppenheim, Bob NiederTop row left to right: Al Zlotnik, Phil Shapiro, Ira Berger Mitch Melamed
Marsha Silverman Serlin, Mitch Melamed, Zelda Rest Goodman and Ira Berger
Paul and Jill Kamensky, Larry Bolon, Ira Berger, Mitch Melamed,Zelda (Rest) Goodman, Joel Oppenheim, Al Zlotnik, Bob and Barb Nieder
Judy Veire, Anita Enberg,Val Iverson, Carol Woods, Carolyn Burzik, and Diane Zahn
Keith and Dolores
Shary Shores
Jim Spirrison and his wife Pandora left speechless by the band and cheerleaders
Pandora Spirrison, Jim Spirrison, Iris Daglas, Artemis Daglas, Barb Mario, Jim Boosales
Sue and Val dropping the gloves on the dancefloor
Arlene , Micki, Lynn, Arlene, Bonnie, Loanne, Dale
Nancy Hibbert Murray at the Fairview roadtrip Saturday morning
Earl Pollack, Jim Nelson and Judy Iverson (Fairview)
Karen Roock , Bonnie Weichman , Judy Stille , Mary Ann Freda, Nancy Dahlin , Ron Ficks, Lynn Rhode, Nancy Hibbert  , Jan Shirley, Earl Pollack, Jim Nelson , Judy Iverson, Pam Trommer , Bill Buchholz, Jim Slack, Karen Stryker , Marshall Claassen and Barry Gaines
Judy Iverson
Judy Stille Gerage
Karen Stryker Boyesen and Ron Ficks
Mardell Koop Schumacker, our 4th grade homeroom and home economy teacher
Bill Sims (who taught math and gym to us beginning for some of us in third grade, 1951!) and his wife Barbara who taught Art at Fairview. Also, Bill Sims was a WWII veteran and is 89 years old
Bill Buchholz
Bill Sims
Jan Shirley Schultz and Pam Trommer Shattuck
Jim Slack and Marshall Claassen
Barry Gaines, Bill and Barbara Sims
Bonnie Weichman, Judy Stille, Nan Dahlin
Earl Pollack, Jim Nelson, Judy Iverson
Jan Shurley, Pam Trommer, Bill Buchholz
Judy Iverson, Nan Dahlin, Karen Roock
Karen and Judy
MaryAnn Freda, Karen Stryker, Lynn Rode
MaryAnn Freda, Lynn Rode, Gayle and Jim Slack
Ms Koop, MaryAnn Freda, Lynn Rode
Ms Koop, MaryAnn Freda, Lynn Rode, Gayle & Jim Slack, Marshall Claassen, Earl Pollack
Ron Ficks, Nancy Hibbert, Judy Stille
Skokie Theater
Skokie Theater
Skokie Theater
Rosanne, Carol, Karen and Carol
Lovely Marilyn
Rhodes and Kuehns
Ken, Val, Shary, Ron and Karen at Keith's loft on Thursday night
Ken Norgan and Val Iverson Wiker at Keith's loft