Cleveland School Class of '57 had another reunion on Oct. 8, 2012.  Here are some pictures sent by Carol Whisler Morris. Eileen Nechtman Sonenthal headed a group that did a great job of organizing this event.
Eileen Nechtman Sonenthal and Lloyd
Eileen Nechtman Sonenthal and Inez Gelfand Tivin
Larry Lissner
Joan Hoke Clowes, Judy Appleton Link and Marti Council Corcoran
Bobbi and Fred Weiner
Rita Lubeck Burk, Heloise Corman Nathan, Fern Spagat Sher, Myrna Evans Orlov and Maurice Gustin 
Sandy Eisenberg Kornspan, HELP and Carol Bendel Smith
Here are three group pictures from the recent Reunion for the 1957 Class of Cleveland Public School (not everyone was able to stay for the group pictures we did at the end of the party). Thirty-two attended  Unfortunately, about eight additional classmates had to cancel several weeks prior to the party due to sudden medical issues for themselves or spouses.   
The party lasted four and one-half hours.  We had a blast!  Eileen Nechtman Sonenthal 
Lloyd and I recently had dinner with John and his wife, Ronnie Pinkerman.  John graduated from Cleveland Public School with me (and attended the Reunion bash we recently had).  Ronnie is a Niles East 1960 graduate. We had a wonderful time sharing stories about living in Skokie and skitching on the cars after it snowed.   I am sure many classmates will remember skitching.  It is unbelievable no one was killed. Eileen Nechtman Sonenthal
Fred Harper, Tom Rakowski, HELP and John Pinkerman
Carol Bendel Smith,Anna's sister,Anna Marie Baldauff and Sue Taylor Bachman
 ? and Bob Garro
Rennie Jaeger Walz and Carol Smith Weldon
Sheila Trace

The videos were taken from three vantage points in the room to show all attendees.    Unfortunately, the last two weeks before the Big Bang Reunion, six classmates from Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Arizona and Illinois had to cancel their reservations to join us.  Nine classmates flew in from California, Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, Maryland, Florida, Wisconsin, and Virginia to be at THE CLEVELAND PUBLIC SCHOOL 2012 BIG BANG.  Many of you probably remember the Reunion we had in 1973 at The Pickle Barrel Restaurant, Howard and Western, Chicago, where Mr. Kolesnik and Mrs. Cowan joined us and Peter Mueller and Jim Miresse ran the AV as they did in grammar school.  

Using the table with all the guys as Table 2, Table 1 is to the left and Table 3 is to the right (all of these tables are on one side of the private party room; next to the glass windows with many of the pictures/posters from our class and 1957).

TABLE 1: the only guy is Nelson Cleary (Class of '54) and continuing clockwise, Carol Bendel, Diane Kremen (Anna's sister who also attended Cleveland) , Anna Marie Balduf, Sue Taylor, Eileen Nechtman's back, and the empty chair belonged to Lloyd Sonenthal who is taking the video

TABLE 2: the only girl is Guenia Lissner, then Larry Lissner, Fred Harper, Tom Rakowski, John Traff, John Pinkerman, Alan Kushner and Robert Garro.

TABLE 3: in the corner starting at the window, Joan Hoke, Judy Appleton, Marti Council, Sheila Trace, and Sandy Eisenberg

Across from Table 3 is Table 4

TABLE 4: the guy at the table is Fred Weiner, then to his left, Carol Whisler, Rennie Jaeger, Carol Smith, Bobbie Weiner

Table 5:  the guy is Maurice (Maish) Gustin, to his left Rhonda Deutsch, Myrna Evans, Inez Gelfand, Heloise Corman, Rita Lubeck, and Fern Spagat

Peter and Rose Mueller (Ca.) were unable to attend, but they ordered vintage champagne to be served throughout the afternoon.   Nice touch!

Healthy and Happy New Year to all.