We took a trip to Lincoln School after having lunch at Alberti's Pizza. The pizza was just as good as I remember it and the 24 Lincolnites (or spouses) had a great time.
Sue Slotten Palmer and Jeanne Ferdman StraussBabb St. entranceJeanne and Diane Reichert HansenSkokie TheaterOld home of the Skokie Bootery where they X-rayed our feetLarry Dallia and Walt Olson
Our former Principal Dr. Ralph Johnson and his wife JeanLinda Sklar Bloomberg, Jean and Wayne KuehnWalt and Carole OlsonPam Engstrom Harper and Ray BensonDiane Reichert Hansen, osanne Schiff Ball, Bruce Mau, Jim Dahlquist,Barb Mario Joswiak, Lynda Doner Tellef, Sue Slotten Palmer and Jeanne Ferdman StraussMargo and Steve Faust
Diane Reichert Hansen and Larry DalliaDon Bextel and Ray BensonOur former principal Dr. Ralph Johnson and his wife Jean.Bruce Mau and Rosanne Schiff Ball
Steve Faust and Keith Anderson
Don Bextel, Keith Anderson and Larry Dallia. 3 old roomies.
THE LINCOLN SCHOOL SCOOP                OCTOBER 18, 1956

We are again very pleased to begin the 8th year of our school paper. This year Upper Lincoln has an enrollment of 325 pupils, who occupy the entire 2nd floor with the exception of 2 fifth grade rooms. With that many students, it is nearly impossible to have a paper for every student, so only the 7th and 8th grades will receive individuial copies. The 6th grade will be sent 1 copy/room.
I would like to mention the hall situation. Last year we had the same problem, but it was solved then and I think it can be now. If you take your time and don't shove and push, you will get to your classes faster.
The entire staff hopes that we will be able to continue the fine work of last year's staff headed by Sandy Eggert. We will all try to produce a paper that will be enjoyable to all---and we're also eager to receive any suggestionsfor improvement.  James Savage, Editor

Before Mr. Formosa left in June, he gave us this material to be put into the first issue of The Scoop. These are the results of the Chess Tournament in June:
Senior League
1st place-----Tom Dent
2nd place----Charles Worthington
3rd place-----Sam Green, John Korsan
Junior League
1st place----Steve Cosmos
2nd place----Nicky Ventrella
3rd place----Ron Servatius
School Title Tournament
Senior League Champ---Rick Freedman
Runner-up---Ted Mayer
Junior League Champ---Fred Kranz
                    Runner-up---Steve Cosmos


Did you hear about 7C's zoo parade in Miss Ward's room the other day. A wasp, spider and bird came in through the window. Everyone was in an uproar (especially the girls). They finally got the bird out, and while doing that the shade fell down....
Boy, have you seen that look in Steve's eyes when Julie walks by....
Seems like the 7D experiments have flopped lately....
How to use the library....
All that Pat, Joe and Lenny need to be great actors is a script...
Since the girls are all out for The Kool Kats, the boys should be starting The Pink Rats....
Awar is going on between the teachers and the pupils. It seems that the teachers don't approve of the way we Spel....
See you next time...Adios...

Our new elective program, meeting during the last period of the day, is finally in full swing. Some of the new offerings are as follows:
Mr. Donenberg said this group plans to make large maps from smaller ones. They are studying maps and how to make them now.
Mr. Chute, our new social studies teacher, says this group intends to plan different trips around the world as well as in this country. They will discuss the cost of trip as well as important places to see.
Mr. Diedrich, our new math teacher, is teaching our chemistry elective. They plan to do at least one experiment a week on fuel, air, glass and acids. At present they are studying each carefully.
Mrs. Owens, oue school nurse, is teaching this elective. Last Monday a former nurse, Kathleen Fessler, came to talk to the girls about nursing. They intend to make tray favors for the children's ward of The Evanston Hospital. In November they expect to visit this hospital.
The officers chosen are:
Rosanne Schiff, President
Joan Gordon, Secretary
Susan Hojnacki, Treasurer

At the first meeting of the student council, Pat McAvoy was elected President, Jean Bacsik the vice president, Dennis Dahl the secretary and Irwin Marks the treasurer.
Some of the decisions that the council reached were:
a. No wearing of lipstick at all
b. There will be no sock hops, because there are enough social events with the Social Dancing for 7th and 8th graders.
c. No bike riding on school grounds
d. Mr. Johnson will check on CTA bus passes for 7th and 8th graders, but there is no definite information as yet.

Ron Carlson is the new captain of our Safety Patrol. His lieutenants are Dick Masek and Don Bextel. Other members of the Safety Patrol are: Jim Oeschler, Marvin Anderson, Dennis Moberg, Betty Abbink, Kathy Shehan, Gail Johnson, Ron Servatius, Paul Ferris, Carolyn Larsen, Mike Ricci, Pat Lowe, Sharon Brei, Pat Cleburne, Lovina Warren, Walter Olson, Pam Engstrom, David Neer, Pat McAvoy, Rosanne Schiff, Larry Dallia, Carl Gebuhr, Louise Christensen and Mike Adler.

We'd like to take this opportunity  to introduce you to our new teaching staff:
Mr. Diedrich: Teaches Math. He graduated from Northern Illinois State College in DeKalb. He has been teaching for 3 years brfore coming to Lincoln, which is 5 times as large as the school from which he came. He likes teaching a great deal.
Mr. Kozurek: Teaches Science. He, too, graduated from N.I.S.C. at DeKalb. This is Mr. Kozurek's first year of teaching and he likes it fine.
Miss Bell: Teaches Physical Education. Miss Bell graduated from The University of Wisconsin. This is her first year of teaching.
Miss Parr: Teaches Social Studies, and cares for the Kenton and Edison libraries.
She graduated from Ball State Teacher's College in Muncie, Indiana and Northwestern University in Evanston. Miss Parr has been teaching for 4 years.
Mr. Chute: Teaches Social Studies. Mr. Chute graduated from Buena Vista College and has been teaching for 7 years. He enjoys teaching at Lincoln.


Ronald Novotny's team, with long runs and fine pass receivers, have gone ahead with a 2-1/2 game lead over his cousin, Pepper Novotny.
Masek's team with 1 for 4, lost Wednesday's wild scramble to Ronnie Novotny by a score of 39 to 7. Dennis Crosby scored only 1 touchdown for Masek's team in the last half of the game.
Here are the intramural standings:
Team                      Won             Lost           Tie
R. Novotny               5                   0                0
J. Novotny               3                   3                0
S. Faust                   2                   3                0
D. Masek                 1                    4               0

C. Gebuhr                4                    1               1
M. Ricci                   2                     3               0
J. Murphy                3                     1               1
D. Yomine                1                     4               0


The individual point leaders are as follows:
The Team Standings are as follows:
Tomorrow, Oct. 19, will prove to be a holiday for us kids, but not so for the teachers. That is the day our teachers will head for Maine Township High School where they will participate with the other teachers from Cook and lake countiesin an annual teacher's institute. They will discuss some of the problems in education today, as well as hear many prominent educators speak concerning these problems

Miss Wellner announces from our library that many new books have been cataloged for the junior high readers. Some of these new selections are as follows:
TITLE                                                  AUTHOR
Florence Nightengale                       Nolan
Martha Washington                           Nolan
Reaper Man (Story of Cyrus McCormick)   Judson
Chief Joseph                                      Garst
The Empress Josephine                   Vance
Winged Moccasins                             Farnsworth
The Enormous Egg                             Butterworth
Fifteen                                                  Cleary
Midshipman of The Naval Academy  Robb White
Who Rides in The Dark                       Meader

Editor...........................................................James Savage
Art Editor.....................................................Barbara Gould
Feature Ed...................................................Diane Reichert
Girl's Sports Ed...........................................Sharon Brei
Boy's Sports Ed..........................................Noel Uzemack
                                                                     Craig Feldpausch
Reporters....................................................Pat Wulf, Frances Harris
                                                                    Merle Bush, Ruth Dorian
                                                                    Katy Walker
Advisor........................................................Miss Johnson


Have you heard the news? The social dancing classes have started, with brand new instructors, Rickie and Dusty Valez. Lessons are being given to the 7th and 8th graders on Fridays.
As the year progresses, the more difficult dances will be taught, such as the Rumba, the Mambo, the Samba, etc. Our instructors also tell us that their will be the ever-loved parties for fun, and partly to see what we have or have not learned. They're going to teach us all the new techniques and how to dance all styles.
The 7th graders reported that during their first lesson they had lrarned how to walk. Surprising, isn't it, to be learning how to do something you've been doing for years? But we do learn how to walk gracefully and with correct posture, instead of tramping around like elephants.
All those participating are sure to have a real good time.

Soccer has been the main sport for the beginning of the semester. With Miss Ball, our new physical education instructor, we sure can't say we don't learn anything. There have been drills on passing, dribbling and even though there have been a few grunts and groans about these, we have learned a great deal. The thing to get through our heads is that a pass is not just a lazy kick, but it is a hard fast kick, with some oomph. Our dribbling is improving and the girls are finally learning how to control the ball.


Sir Laughalot says:
A young boy had just made a decision between 2 dogs, one with a happily wagging tail and a pointer that had a straight as an arrow tail. When asked his decision, he replied, "I'll take the one with the happy ending".

On Monday, May 20, the township track meet held at Niles Township High School with Lincoln emerging as the winner by 17-4/5 points over Sharp Corner School. Lincoln scored 62-1/5 points out of a possible 195 in the boys division. Sharp Corner came in with a total of 44-2/5 pts. which could have nearly won considering last year when they again came in 2nd with 44 points behind Lincoln which had 44-1/2 pts. On an individual basis Gary Smith, top point winner, could have beaten 3 schools with his 11-1/4 points.
The 220 yard dash was first with Dennis Crosby, our only participant in the event winning with a time of 26.2. Golf School was second with Fairview and Niles tying for 3rd.
In the 50 yard dash (heavy division) Bronson Davis came in 2nd with Sharp Corner taking 1st and 4th. Morton grove was 3rd.
In the 100 yard dash the best we could do was 4th place with Bob Rhodes getting the 2 points. Sharp Corner finished 1st, Fairview 2econd and Morton Grove 3rd.
The next event was the 50 yard dash (light division) with Gary Smith winning. Sharp Corner came in 2nd and 3rd.
In the 75 yard dash, Gary Smith again won with Sharp Corner 2nd and Cleveland 3rd. While the dashes were being run Charles Primrose took a 1st in the broad jump (light division) with a jump od 14 ft. 9 inches. In the heavy Jim Boosales took a 2nd and Bronson Davis took a 4th.
In the light division of the shotput, Chuck Primrose took a 2nd. The heavy division of the shotput was taken by Bob Rhodes 1st place and Ron Novotny 2nd.
In the heavy division of the high jump, Howard Sylvester tied for 3rd with Golf School and Dennis Crosby tied for 5th.
Ken Borcia tied for 1st in the high jump (light division).
In the 440 yard relay, Lincoln's team placed 1st. Our team was composed of Borcia, Gebuhren, Primrose and Smith.
In the heavy division of the 440 yard relay, our team also won with a great time of 52.7 seconds. This team was composed of Rhodes, Novotny, Davis and Crosby, the anchorman.
Much credit for this victory goes to Mr. Sahlin who apent hours orking with the boys for this meet.
MAY 22, 1957
Thursday, May 30th, is a day set aside to honor our dead who gave their lives for our safety. Set up by Civil War veterans a few years after the war, they elected as their president John Logan, a Union General. Logan suggested the idea of having a day set aside to "honor our dead". Later changed to Memorial Day, it was a day to honor veterans from the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II and the recent Korean War. But usually this day is not used to honor the dead. Since workers get the day off and students get off from school, it is often used as a day of vacation. Quite obviously this is the wrong use of the day. Instead we should try to think of what our men gave for us to make this a better world in which to live. 
Here's our contribution for this issue:

                  ONE WISH
If I had one wish
I know what it would be
To live my life over---
Be gay, happy, carefree.
I wouldn't go to school
Like the other kids would
But I'd live in the forest
And be another Robin Hood.
I'd gather together a band of young men
To roam the country---Hill, Dale and Glen
And yet I know this I'll never see---
And to tell the truth
I'm glad it cannot be.

                                          Leonard Halperin
                                          8th Grade

We're wondering if the girls will be able to compete with the guys at West Point or Annapolis with their marching stunts?...
Mr. Fleming, our instrumental teacher, is the proud father of Susan Lee who was born on April 30 at the St. Francis Hospital in Evanston. She weighed 6 pounds and 14 ounces and measures 19-1/2 inches long. Mrs. Fleming and Susan Lee are both doing fine...
"Here comes the Brides" will soon be heard when two of our female faculty members become MRS. They are Miss Parr, our social studies teacher, and Miss Walz, our home economics teacher. Miss Parr will marry Mr. Leo Christel, wwho works for IBM. The wedding is set for August 24at St. Joseph Church in Indiana. Miss Parr will continue teaching 7th and 8th grade social sciencein a school in South Bend, Indiana.
Miss Walz will be married to William G. Warner on June 29. Mr. Warner is a chemical engineer at Borg-Warner corporation. They will be married in the Edgebrook Covenant Church. Miss Walz will quit teaching and become a homemaker.
We all wish themk alot of happiness...
When Janice Jacobs dyes her hair blonde...
When Linda Goldfarb talks on the telephone for only 3 minutes
When everyone comes to school with their shoes polished..
When the school buses ar on time...
When no one has to stay after school...
When the girls "catch on" to marching...
When everybody buys thier lunch on the same day...
When the boys in 211 stop putting tacks on the girl's chairs..

Fred Denkman
Likes: Sports, sleep, cadillacs
Dislikes: Hoods, school, spinach
Song; Lucille
Ambition; Space ship pilot

Linda Benson
Likes: Bermudas, pizza
Dislikes: Homework, peas,cuddles
Song: Hey You
Ambition: First woman president

Pat Lowe
Likes: Pizza, shrimp, money, Len
Dislikes: Card sharks, giggling girls
Song: Hey, You
Ambition: To help the lost soul find himself

Sandy Goldstein
Likes: 45,45,45
Dislikes: Girls that like 45
Song: Start Moving
Ambition: To be an English teacher

Pat McAvoy
Likes: 23 Skidoo, records, dancing
Dislikes: Liars, Cuddles, People who frown
Song: I'm Walking
Ambition: Teacher

Joe (Pepper) Novotny
Likes: Sports, guns, certain girls
Dislikes: School, Math
Song: Rockabilly
Ambition: Ranger

Roberta Goldstein
Likes Blue, dogs, boys, swimming
Dislikes: Glasses, Boys that flirt
Song: Why Baby Why
Ambition: Doctor

                            8TH GRADE TRACK MEET

The 8th Grade track meet was held on Monday, May 6, with beautiful weather playing an important role.
The first event was the 50 yard dash with Fred Denkman winning with the good time of 6.6. Steve Cosmos came in 2nd.
In the 100 yard dash, Bob Rhodes won by a big margin over Fred Denkman and Jim Boosales who tied for 2nd. The time was 12.1
The next event was the 220 yard dash which was won by Dennis Crosby, with the excellent time of 25.8. Bob Rhodes finished 2nd.
In the 440 yard dash, Dennis Dahl got out to a fast start and won by 30 or 40 yards with Joe Pellegrino finishing 2nd and Don Peterson finishing 3rd. The time was 74.8
The first field event was high jump, won by Dennis Crosby and Howard Sylvester with a height of 4'4"
In the broad Crosby again won with a jump of 15'11". Denkman and Kuehn tied for 2nd.
The pole vault was won by Joe Pelligrino and Don Peterson going over the bar of 6'2"
The last event was the 440 yard dash relay which was won by Novotny's team.