Karen Hehn Hilpert - Class of  59   Cary Hehn - Class of  61      Cheryl Hehn Bonadonna - Class of  68
Diane(Wirth)Viglione's granddaughter, Sarah
Diane(wirth)Viglione with her daughters and granddaughter
the 3rd picture (back row) is me, my daughters Pam & Laura, my son Richard and his wife Yukino and the front row is Yukino's mother & father, her sister and Sarah.  The second & third pictures were taken on my visit to Japan in June. Diane Wirth Viglione
Micki Reich and her four daughter

Nancy, Abbey, Julie, Micki and Marci 5/10/09
Larry Proft and grandson Matthew
mini reunion in Atlanta with Jim and Cheryl Miresse, Jim and Bonny Boosales and Fred and Jackie Denkman.
Joan(Callens) Borcia with Ken Borcia ('62)
Dianne Layden
Barb Trufant and Bob Rhodes
this picture was taken in Dec. when Susan Kuhnke( Bennett ) and Carole Pakulski (Senger) had lunch together for the second time at the Cheesecake factory Restaurant in Atlanta.Thanks to facebook and our reunion site we discovered we live in the same state!  Carole Senger Pakulski
Micki (Reich) Brost, and David Brost
Here's a picture of Mike and I with our three grandkids.   We are expecting #4 in 2 weeks.  Andrew is 9, Lindsay (with glasses) is 4 and Kendall holding her animal is 3. Mike and Lorrie Christopoloulos
Ron Corey
Paul and Virginia Herrmann
Dave and Pat Howard with their nieces
Karen Stryker Boyesen, Carol Flaherty Berens, Diane Zahn Boran and Nancy Dahlin Hutton in Ft. Myers, FL
Mike Christopoulos,Emil Lazar,Keith Anderson,Allen Usow, Steve Taitel, Diane Zahn Boran,Carol Flaherty Berens, Karen Stryker Boyesen, Nancy Dahlin Hutton and Jan Williams  Eddleman in Ft. Myers
Emil Lazar and his band The Chicago Mob in Ft. Myers
Emil's band again
Jerry Shapiro
Click your mouse on the picture for blow-up
Pam Trommer Shattuck, Lynn Rode Kalweit (Fairview Grad, Luther North High School Grad), Mary Ann Freda Olson, Marshall Claassen, Jan Shurley Schultz and Barry Humphrey ('60 Nilehi Grad)
Ft. Myers classmates party
Keith Anderson, Judy Worthington(Chuck's widow) Emil Lazar and his friend Arlene Kennedy
Emil, Arlene and Dolores
Mike Christopoulos and Lorrie
Jan Williams Eddleman and Mike
Paul Herrmann and his wife Virginia
Nancy Dahlin Hutton and Judy Worthington
Diane Zahn Boran and Carol Flaherty Berens
Steve and Karen Taitel and Keith and Dolores Anderson dancing to the tunes of Emil Lazar's Chicago Mob
Emil Lazar and his band The Chicago Mob in Ft. Myers Beach
Some of our classmates at the Beached Whale in Ft. Myers Beach
Here's a photo of me and my husband, Jordan, for the online web site...Zelda Rest Goodman
Sandy Menconi Halvorsen and Reed with their Son and grandkids
Carol Woods and Tom Houston with their family
Tom Miller from Mountain View, Arkansas
Pam Engstrom Harper dancing with her son Mark at his wedding last month
Ron Johnson on the right also with son David and girlfriend
Pam dancing with her son David
Micki Reich brost with her 10th grandchild, Miles
Harvey Brown
Mike Rothholtz
This is a picture of me (Freddie Strauss Lieberman) and my husband of 43 years Tom Lieberman.  We've been living in Phoenix, AZ for 27 years.  He is retired but I am an artist.
Lynn Ravine Chestler
Barry Gaines
Bev Duffey Altes and Robert
This is a picture of me (Tammy (Frank) Stuart) and my husband Bob taken this past 4th. of July.
Bob Selby in Washington, DC w/ Senators Dick Durbin (L) and Obama.  Bob is the short guy w/ the bow tie closest to Obama.
Bob Selby
This pic was taken today, in my office, after a long day of work.  I sell textiles to manufacturers worldwide and have been doing so for the last 43 years.  It's really quite exciting and I have no plans to retire at this point.
 Hope to get to the reunion next year, Ann Davis
A day at the Del Mar California races-Iris Daglas and Joy Leon 
Gordess-Lost wages with ID tags
Going from left to right standing;
Sue Jacobs, 1960, Sharon Weissman,1960, Linda Goldfarb 1961.
Seated from left to right;
Marcy Levy 1960, Sue Slotten 1961, Jeanne Ferdman 1961
Rehwaldts and Claassens
Ron Hauser and Dick Rehwaldt
Dick Rehwaldt and Bob Deck at Wrigley Field
Karen and Bob Deck with Maureen and Dick Rehwaldt
Hannah Weiss Kaplan
Enclosed please find a current picture of me on vacation in Watersmeet, MI.  My husband and I are enjoying retirement.  Can't wait until we will all be together for our 50 year reunion! Gloria Mitchell Mroz
I'm sending this because I'd like to find out which of these hooligans is Charles Gibson.
I know that he and I were in the same grade at Willard School at that time; and I suspectthat he's the boy in the last row, far right. that's me in the first row, third from left. Pat Lippins Smith
Howard Bernstein 2009 in his Boston office
 A photo from 2005 (when I was only 62) of me and my wife of more than 42 years now, Deborah [Sternberg] from New Orleans, whom I met in ’66 when we were both grad students in Anthropology at the University of Chicago. Howard Bernstein
Sandi Anderson Kasen and her husband Ed
Marsha Silverman Serlin who hosted the Oct. 7th committee meeting
Joy Leon Gorodess
Ken Norgan
Arlene Strom Leff and Lou Hilfman
Marsha's lovely home
This was just the dessert s Marsha offered with trays of sandwiches in the kitchen. To bad many of our committee weren't present to enjoy the evening which included a birds-eye view o President Obama's motorcade from Marsha's 62nd floor.
The entire group.
Steve and Karen Schada
Larry Racana and wife at West Coast Warmup
Nancy Dahlin Hutton
Ken Norgan, Ron Johnson, Keith Anderson and Bob Zender at Bistro 110 for a long lunch. Ron was in to visit his 92 year old father.
Bronson Davis
Judy Viere Weisenberger, Nancy Hibbert Murray, Janice Shurley, Maryann Frieda Olson, and Judy Iverson toasting by the fire in Barrington, Ill on a chilly day in March.  We've come a loooong way from Fairview and Niles!
Chuck Scharf, Pam Engstrom Harper, Iris Daglas, Keith Anderson and Val Iverson Wiker in Palm Desert
Bob Rhodes, Barb Trufant Rhodes,Pat Paul Leider, Murphy Leider,Louise Christianson Jacobson at a Tucson party
Lloyd Kuehn, Joan Kuehn, Karen Vedder, Yvonne Belue Manahan, Bill Manahan, Gene Meyer and Helene Seitler Meyer at The Tucson Party
Rod Bartels and Keith Anderson at the Tucson Party
Partial of Dave Howard, Janice Jacobs Warsaw and Rod Bartels at the Tucson Party
Dave Howard, Janice Jacobs Warsaw, Rod Bartels and Gari-Sue Greene (standing) at The Tucson Party
Tucson Party
Tucson Party
Diane Zahn Boran and Donna Miller Hitchins in Naples, FL
Karen Stryker Boyesen and Donna Miller Hitchins
Fred and Inez Tivin
Sam & I at Bryce Canyon, Utah. We celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary last week!
Marilyn Sargeant Roberts & Diana Gousch Berg, 2010, in her backyard in River Forest, IL.
Brian & Eileen Johnson in their backyard, Mount Prospect, IL, 2010
Miriam Mimi Rothman Pockross
Sue Hansen Chapman
Here's a picture of Nancy Overton Johnson and Rosanne Schiff Ball in Hilton Head a few weeks ago.
Greer Kosdon Braun and husband Arthur Braun at the Tate Modern Museum, London, May, 2011.
Gloria Galsky Federman
Jeff Rovell
Jeff Rovell in Spain
Dave Recher with the Philadelphia Eagles
Jeff Rovell singing national anthem at a  Cleveland Cavs game
Bill and Maureen Buchholz
?, Rosanne and Tod
Nancy and Pat
 A picture of Nancy, Maria Pappas, and me at the Swedish American Museum gala when I was honored a few years ago.
Ted Masters and family
Ted and Marci Masters
Mitch Melamed and Marsha Silverman Serlin on her boat in Palm Beach.
Jan Shurley Schultz, Sandra Schoene Metzinger, Mary Ann Freda Olson, Pam Trommer Shattuck ready to leave for the Reunion
Keith in front of his birthplace 5421 N. Christiana Ave.-Chicago, IL
Lynne Anderson Valentine ('59) and Me.
Janice VonHoldt Anderson rubbing the pigs snout in Vancouver last summer.
I get to meet and talk to a variety of people at my job at the University of Miami as the Director of Freshman Advising.  Guess who came to see me about his son coming to school at UM?   Jon Bon Jovi!!!
Jan gets an early birthday present
A picture of our granddaughter Aryn with me and my husband Bill (class of 59) at the Navy Memorial in Washington DC this September.  Aryn is in Graduate School at George Washington University. We were on a 46 day driving trip across the country  Yvonne Belue Manahan
Some pictures from Jerry Shapiro.

 Keith and Dolores Anderson, Larry and Barb Lascody, Sue (Bennett) and Mario Ruhnke, JoAnne (Schroeder) and Bob Negri, and Jim Miresse  having afternoon lunch together in Atlanta to remember our high school days at Niles and to catch up on the past 50 years.  So many interesting stories and not enough time.  Let’s do it again soon.
Have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.  Fred Denkman
Mike Rothholtz and daughter Vanessa
Crosbys, Reicherts and Dilgs in Montana
Bruce Dilg and Jim Reicherts
Bruce and Robin Dilg
Larry Dallia and Wayne Kuehn at  the Lincoln School reunion
Steve Faust with a beautiful salmon.
Steve Faust with salmon dinner from Lake Michigan
Diane Reichert Hansen and Donna Wold Smith celebrating their 70th birthdays in Kalamazoo, MI